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The Bard Who Goes Hard

From alt rock """""hits""""" to film and video game scores, James Gameboy has truly done a very small percentage of it all. It started back in 2017, when he realized that the only way to become a rock star was to write and record a bunch of awesome songs. This process resulted in Larva, an album that several people have claimed to enjoy. After that came EPs, short films, an R.E.M. cover album (NO, NOT ONE OF THE ONES YOU LIKE), and now he even fancies himself something of a video game developer.

All of this has prolonged the release of his next solo album, Organ Ghost. He is not a perfectionist; in fact, the problem is an immense wealth of material. Currently he resides in a veritable Band House, where creativity abounds in the form of Baseball Methodist, a new band of multi disciplinary creatives. So now you can eagerly anticipate not one but TWO hard rocking albums in 2023!

You can hear James Gameboy on all major streaming platforms, purchase his music on Bandcamp, and support further on Patreon, where he releases demos and works in progress of all his projects far in advance of setting them free to the wider world.

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